Saturday, August 29, 2009

Virtual Paintout - London, England

Westminster Abbey, view from Google Map Street View
12x16" watercolor on Kilamanjaro 140 lb. block.

This is my first submission the the Virtual Paintout blog. My wife told me about this a few days ago because I began doing the EDM challenges and said that I might like this too. She was on the money as usual. I absolutely love the concept the VPO team has come up with. I was already a huge fan of Google Street View - I've spent hours (really) strolling down my old neighborhood street, remembering who lived in that house, etc. It's a great way to spark memories that you wouldn't have come up with otherwise. I've searched for the cathedral my Grandfather was baptised in (Holic) Slovakia, etc. I plan a series of work based on screen shots of old blues and jazz musicians -images I will collect from You Tube and other video sources (altered enough to avoid copyright issues). So this month the Virtual Paintout subject (I'm squeaking this in) was London. This was a lot of fun to do and I would recommend this kind of activity to anyone:


Phillip Holt said...

I liked the Abby, it's a difficult subject. You did a wonderful job! I have been doing the Virtual Paintout for some time now and really enjoy it.

Gary said...

Aha, so we meet. Thanks for the comments - as I have been looking at your drawing and painting from same same venue. You have a strong hand my friend - and what an interpretation from what source!

Shalini said...

This one is so lovely! Amazing!

Gary said...

Thank you Linisha.

R K said...

I'm really enjoying this Virtual Paintout challenge, a fellow googlemaps enthusiast.
I see you are an "art educator". From viewing your stuff I've learned a couple of things(!): your use of color, brush technique, and composition are esp. appealing.

Gary said...

Thanks Rock. I really enjoyed your blog too. I admire your patience in drawing things like the back of a TV. What detail. I love your use of media - something that usually drives my work too. There was one drawing -i think the Virtual Paintout of Barcelona - where your depiction of space is asian in conception - well done. After looking at your Abbey Road crosswalk I spent a lot of time remembering. I'm still a huge fan.

Art is for the Making said...

I like this. I'm not up for this challenge, but I really like seeing what other people create. As a blues and jazz fan, I'll watch for your series of musicians. Wonder if any old Maxwell Street shots (Chicago) are online?

Gary said...

Thanks for stopping by! I bet I can find shots of Maxwell Street if they are there!(they gotta be).