Sunday, August 23, 2009


22x30" Arches 300lb. hot press.

This is Pink of the famous George and Pink's vegetable stand on Edisto Island, SC. You drive down a non-paved sandy road which is a tunnel of overhanging live oak draped with Spanish moss. You are awakened from this marvelous dream by their wooden sign on the corner of their lot. It is a humble enough establishment with their house next door with a couple of very large lumbering non-distinguishable dogs hanging about. When you go inside you see photos, newspaper articles and plaques indicating that they have been recognized by Southern Living magazine and have been visited by state politicians and the like. I bought a baseball cap with their logo on it. As I was about to take this reference photo I asked Pink what her favorite saying was. After saying she did not have one she perked up immediately and said, I know...Have a blessed day. As she said it I took this shot.

I couldn't wait to make this painting and was disappointed to learn that I have issues with hot press smooth paper - I simply don't know how to paint on it. It doesn't have the same sizing as cold press or something, the paint absorbs immediately and doesn't do that stuff that I like so much that watercolor does so well (blending, bleeding, flowing, etc.) The paint seems to suck right into the paper like marker or something. So, daunted, I immediately did another painting - 22x30 on another piece of hot press of another scene I couldn't wait to do - an Edisto Island fishing trawler behind Edisto Seafood. I'm not improving...Have a blessed day yall.


Rose said...

Despite your aversion to your hot press smooth did a great job. I love all the detail in this work. You are amazing. (I commented on your other works on your flikr)

Gary said...

Thanks Roe I love you and miss you.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of blogging Gary! I must tell you it is addicting. Love the work you are doing. Your painting has certainly evolved form the days of the Giant Jasper Johnsesque Flag. I think I still have those slides of that painting that I used in my thesis multimedia show. You and I have been very lucky to be able to teach (and pursue) what we love - ART. See you on facebook or in the blogesphere. Patrick

Gary said...

I love your last FB post - what fun to recall all those memories. Yes, we have been lucky - we know how lucky. Thanks for the welcome - trying some traditional WC and it makes me nuts.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

This is a great portrait. I also love all the stuff on the wall behind. The calender is particularly impressive.

Nice work.