Monday, April 26, 2010

Long Time No Post

Mom and Me
15x22" watercolor on Kilamanjaro white 140 lb.

Did you ever get stuck on a piece? That's what has happened to me. I decided to do a piece of my mom and me based on this tiny photo that originally included my three brothers in it (that facebook retro-you image thingy that we all did back in January made me think of it) . In the reference photo I am about one and a half - originally she was holding the newborn KB - my only younger brother in her lap in her right arm. It was one of my absolute favorite photos of my mom - who went on to bring to this world three girls beyond the scope that my source photo indicates. This was a photo that just began to hint at the indescribable person who my mother was, or the relationship with her that I developed in her lifetime. I had a difficult time with this piece - not only that the over-exposed nature of the tiny photo gave little to no information when you are expanding the image to half-sheet size...but I couldn't help myself. It's been over five years since my mother's passing and I just got stuck - I couldn't finish this piece - like I didn't know how to.

So I resorted to what I usually do during the winter and began a lot of reading. It's easier and my studio space is cool during the winter. That's the only excuses that I can offer - but now I find that I am itching to be back into my studio routine again. It's a glorious spring out there so here I go.