Thursday, June 27, 2013

At Work in Tennesee

22x30" Watercolor on 300 lb. Kilimanjaro WC paper

I did not really meet these people. They were getting to work as we were leaving the hotel we stayed at overnight on our way back from Cincinnati. This was one of those compositions I was not so sure of when I started out. As this was in development I started getting into the personality of the woman on the right. I talked to them for only a brief moment, but through painting them you feel that you get to know them on some level. Strange. Fun.

Detail - the woman on the right

Monday, June 24, 2013

Supermoon Day 2

Some of the reasons I got the new camera that I did was that it seemed perfect for me, a few more mega pixels, a decent zoom and some opportunity to shoot out of auto mode. Not bad for a $200. camera!

Sunday, June 23, 2013


15x22" Watercolor on 140 lb. Kilimanjaro WC paper

This is a portrait of Stanley. Ken and I met him as we were leaving Botany Bay, a state park on Edisto Island, SC. We were stopped by Stanley as we were to take a left on the highway because they were paving the road. We got to chatting; Stanley was born on Edisto and was giving us suggestions as to go around the traffic hold up. I did not want to trust my directional abilities and chose to wait until Stanley would allow us to take our left turn - so we chatted some more. Everyone I meet on Edisto, especially those who have lived there for a long time express the same love for the natural beauty of the low country. I know that we do too.

Oh no, these details are too much fun !

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Before Edisto. Birdhouse Man Paul

22x30" Watercolor on 300 lb. Kilimanjaro WC Paper.

This is Paul whom I met for the first time a month ago down in Charleston County, SC. He lives just before the Dawhoo bridge that connects the mainland to Edisto Island. My friend Ken has been collecting his work for a number of years. I decided to head out with Ken and the family this past visit and meet him (after buying a birdhouse for our yard).

Detail of Paul

Monday, June 10, 2013

At the Farrmer's Market 3

15x22" Watercolor on 140 lb. Kilimanjaro WC paper

I took the photo of this little guy some time ago at Boone's Daniel Boone Park, which is adjacent to the Farmer's Market. It's a wonderful setup, as the park has an outdoor amphitheater where performances might be happening, or pioneer re-enactors making crafts around log cabins, or just someone playing banjo while sitting on a log such as this little fella.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tambourine Player in Montgomery

22x30" Watercolor on 300 lb. Kilimanjaro WC Paper

This is the third (and last) of the three musicians we came across at a Krogers grocery store when in the Cincinnati area last February. I started this third piece about two months ago, but the semester bore down on me and the events of family life kept me from the studio. It is so hard to finish a piece after such a long absence from the flow of the mini series. I decided to do some experimenting with technique and plain invention in order to just finish it and move on. I like some things about it, hoping the wonderful smile this woman had would carry the day. But it's hard to cover up the over-worked quality - so that's it - I'm moving on.

Edisto in May

These are a few watercolors I did while at Edisto with the family and our watercolor buddy Ken. I honestly don't know what I'd be like if we didn't go to Edisto a couple of times a year. These sketches sure help in loosening up. I have quit worrying so much about the drawing, sorta embracing the inaccuracies and chalking it up to expression. I'm learning this from my old pal Hugh. Gotta let the media do it's thang.