Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blue Ridge Sketchers first Outing

This is a watercolor done on a 12x16 Kilimanjaro wc block. I use the 140 lb. block as my sketchbook now and is quite suited for the purpose. I seldom finish a piece on location, as I add any finishing touches at home. Not a bad way to work, as I can really look the piece over and make a few decisions concerning its final appearance. This was a bit unexpected view just off the Bass Lake trail - what you don't see are my wife and child also painting, along with our other friends/members.


Rose said...

Cool spot you found there!

Gary said...

Yup - we've walked past this spot many times before - who would thunk?

Anonymous said...

very tolkienish, expect to see Merry and Pippin charging around the corner any second

martinepittet said...

Really nice indeed. You do manage to have deep colours whereas my watercolours always look pale and subdued. How do you do that I wonder !
Anyway I love them all.

Gary said...

Thanks Martine - if anything I tend to get heavy handed at times. I must really love contrast. But it's all in the saturation of the wash. I use a variety of paint brands, especially Cheap Joe's Brand, American Journey (