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This is a sketch from sitting on our back deck one day - had to be out of the studio and out of doors. Flowers ('nuff said).

This is a sketch I did on a little outing I took with the family to the Parkway. At the Cone Manor is a Carriage House that I've been fascinated with for more than 20 years. I think that this is only the second time that I sat down and sketched it though.
Posted August 2010.


This was a still life put together by all of us. Ken often picks up these huge pine cones from some secret source on his way in to Edisto Island. Ann picked some flowers and put them into a glass. Basically I suck at flowers (and pine cones) but I seem to give it a try from time to time.
Posted August 2010.


So I'm sitting on the deck of Hurricane House in Edisto Beach this past May. I've done a little watercolor of this hourglass that sits in the sunroom on an earlier visit - so I decided to do another. I like the idea of putting the object in a new place, but primarily I put it there to see it in the early morning sun. Plus it's a great place to just sit and drink coffee. You can hear the surf, the gulls, the wind through the palmettos and some occasional laughter...
Posted August 2010.


This was done on a painting outing that Ken and I took this past May on Edisto Island. The churches there are charming and are really the centers of the community. This particular church is right on the highway - so I had to get out my blue folding backpack chair which works really well for these types of outings.
Posted August 2010.


This isn't a great photo of this sketch (a bit too contrasty). I've done a version of this setting every time we've stayed at Hurricane house, which is the third time I think. The light coming through the blinds and sheer curtain, striking these wooden carvings of shore birds. It seems that all of the furniture pillows in this house have this pattern to them (I'm just now noticing that it seems that I've done a lot of them over time).
Posted August 2010.


Another Edisto Stil Life. This has become a favorite spot for me when the weather holds up! These are shells that Hannah collected and I think one I got from under the deck. I pinned the feather on the side of the decking (hopefully the owners won't see the hole left behind).
Posted August 2010.


This is my version of the onion that Ann, Ken and I decided that we all had to paint a picture of before we left. We never did cook nor eat this onion, but bought it because it looked so good - maybe got this from George and Pink's vegetable stand.

Posted August 2010.