Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Page - A Visual Life History

A really old piece of my Junkbox series I just scanned. I've started this new page on this here blog that has given me reason to take photos of really old stuff and to start this project of scanning old slides of work I did through the years. It is a lot self indulgent - but also a lot of fun. I have become obsessed! It is a work in progress and will be finished some day I suppose - but now I'm sorta savoring the memories...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Parkway Outing

So after a really long day of meetings (during which I'm writing a possible new page to this here blog - my visual life history) as this Fall semester is about to start, and I'm down stairs in the studio looking through some really old drawings and paintings and old (old) slides when my favorite little missy comes down and says lets do something! So we go on a quick outing to the parkway and take pictures - we'll do this again the next time we get bored.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Beauty of Edisto Island

Edisto Beach, SC
12x16" watercolor

OK - so this will be the last post of the highlights of my painting this summer. All the others are posted on my Flickr Photostream (click on the right to see them ifin ya want). This painting is obviously based on a photo. Originally miss Hannah is walking one of our dogs - who is omitted in this composition - which now I think makes this painting look odd (the way her wrist bends to hide her hand in forshortening - without the benefit of a dog somewhere in the image to let one know why it looks this way)...

Botany Bay, Edisto Island

Ken at Botany Bay
12x16" watercolor

This May we explored Botany Bay for the first time. A former plantation of thousands of acres, it is now a state park. I just couldn't resist painting my friend Ken on the beach with all the sea shells (that are not to be collected) - and trees that are still making a stand versus the encroaching ocean. You can even buy T-shirts now with these trees depicted on them - rather iconic of this park.

Hurricane House Edisto

Hurricane House Sunroom
12x16" watercolor

This is everyone's favorite room at Hurricane House. No doubt in my mind.

Pink Number two

Pink Number 2
12x16" watercolor

This past May - Pink tells me that she doesn't like my first attempt at her portrait (showed her a print). I asked if I could try again and she looks at me like "why bother"? But - here is a second attempt. I'm thinking of showing her this one in October - but I'm afraid she might start to thinking that I'm stalking her or something