Thursday, May 24, 2012

Edisto in May - Continued

Thought I'd break up this post as I was uploading enough images that Blogger was beginning to show some weary signs on my old Mac laptop. So here are a few more images and then I will quit - I promise.

Hannah's Bathingsuit
9x12 Kilimanjaro wc sketchbook

Deck chairs, well the ones that are not plastic anyway, are fun to draw and paint. This has become a series of sorts too - my daughter's drying beachwear on a deck chair.

Edisto Morning - 9x12

When I saw the live oaks and palm fronds reflecting in my morning coffee I couldn't resist.

The Turquoise House - 9x12 wc sketch

A quick sketch where i wanted to capture more light effects. Another view from the porch.

Early Morning Light - 9x12" wc

Yet another view from the porch. The dappled light was everywhere, a magnificent spring morning.

Young Man Fishing - 9x12" wc

What fun this was to do - the wind was blowing as I sat in the sand dunes trying to hold my sketchbook flat. I wanted to do some sketches of people on this visit but only managed this one - next time I will do a lot more I hope.

Edisto Island in May

Ahhh..finally the semester is over and we hit Edisto for 10 days. What bliss. Good friends and good food. They had some wahoo in at Edisto seafood and we had a grill that worked! As  usual we had the watercolor sketching supplies so I was able to pull off a few between beach walks and cooking and chatting:

Ken's New Vase
12x16" Kilimanjaro wc block

Ken bought a new vase from the gallery that Ann is now showing her work, With These Hands Gallery on Edisto Island. This was the new challenge for this visit. Ken picked some wildflowers from the yard and its surrounds. I love the Coral Bean blossoms - hard to recreate the intensity of coral pink.

Presbyterian Church on Edisto Island
12x16" Kilimanjaro wc block

This is the beautiful Presbyterian Church , built in 1830 - Ken and I sat and painted one overcast morning.

Porch Rocker
12x16 (ish) Moleskin wc sketchbook

 From the deck of Palm Tree, the house we stayed in for the first time. This house was magnificently set in a grove of cabbage palms and live oaks drenched in spanish moss. Did I mention a functioning grill?

The One and Only Still Life
12x16 (almost) Moleskin wc sketchbook

It now seems as I have started a series of still lifes that include either wine or beer bottles. One night on an after dinner stroll on the beach I found this Sharkeye moonsnail shell. The Oleander was in full bloom - this sprig of yellow Oleander came from the corner of the house and was so tall that we could see the blooms from the bedroom window.

Palm Tree Deck View
9x12 Kilimanjaro wc sketchbook

What a view - eh? I was always trying to capture the light - what light we had on occasion, as tropical storm Alberto was doing a jig out on the Atlantic just off shore - made for some dramatic skies and at times some fun surf to play in.