Friday, November 20, 2009

Lighthouse, Nova Scotia

The Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia
12x16" watercolor on 300 lb. Arches Aquarelle

Well, I'm just not a photographer, although this seems about the best I can do. I usually hire a professional if my work actually appears in something like in print.

Bill Guffey's Virtual Paintout took a number of us participants to Nova Scotia in November and I screen-shot a bunch of pictures from Google's Street View function. I figured that this lighthouse would be a popular image and I had to do it too (I think watercolorists are required to do lighthouses - it's somewhere in the rule book). Anyway - I've got a slow collection going of lighthouses I've been doing primarily because we frequent North Carolina's coast whenever we get the chance. Because I still haven't visited Maine (I'm a Winslow Homer freek) this on-going participation in VPO gave me an excuse to do this one.


Gillian Mowbray said...

It's superb Gary. I love all the fissures in the rocks.
I missed this lighthouse when I was virtually wandering - just as well really, because I couldn't compete.

Lynn Logan Roselli said...

I saw it in the rule book, all watercolorist have to paint at least one lighthouse. WELL DONE!!

Melissa S. said...

Beautiful scene... wonderfully captured the feel of the real thing! Portland and Casco Bay is calling your name. Nothing like the northshore of New England. A painter's dream!

Dan Kent said...

Here is what I like about this piece: (1) The sky - I like the shapes, the subdued colors and the mood. (2) The sky against the lighthouse - beautifully done - I like the color contrast, and the details of the lighthouse are so well painted. (3) The waves crashing against and between the rocks - the sense of movement in the still scene, and (4) the colors and blending in the foreground grasses. Very nice job!

Jeanette Jobson said...

There's a great sense of solidity in this piece. You've done a fabulous job on it.

Pity there are less and less lighthouses still around in the world. Watercolourists will have to travel more :)

Autumn Leaves said...

My favorite of this shot, I think, Gary (I'm really not wishy washy; I just love all good art and every one of the submissions of this was excellent). I love your watercolor style. I want to paint like you do when I grow up!

Gary said...

Thank you everybody
Gillian - I usually don't think of painting as competition. I suppose it is at times when entering a juried show, but I think of drawing and painting as something I have to do (a lot of childhood psychology involved I bet).
Lynn - Hi Lynn, it's good to be in contact again - time has a way of getting away for all of us.
Melissa S. The northern coast is holy ground for me - one day I have to complete my pilgrimage (I think I get to wear a robe and carry a lighted candle when I do).
Thanks Dan - your comments are always so thoughtful and insightful. You are generous with your time and I know a lot of folks besides me really appreciate that.
Thank you Jeanette - I have become a junkie for your comments. Great interview by the way on your Etsy involvement on Diahn's blog.
Sherry - LOL. You keep doing what you're doing girl. That's the key. I hope to keep learning every day (I think I do).

Ramona Davidson said...

I love the colors in this piece and the composition. What is a standout is the rocks. The rocks in your piece are so sculptural. All the linear lines contrasted with the rounded ages is breath taking. I have a things for rocks. When we travel I have lots of pictures of rocky places. You need to see Texas Canyon in AZ near Tucson. It is full of massive rocks too. You would have a good time there. Thank you for all the helpful and kind comments you have left on my blog.

Sadia said...

Fabulous painting Gary! The lime green accentuates the rocks really well! The lighthouse is perfect and the splatter of water can almost be heard.
Take care.

Gary said...

Thank you Ramona and Sadia - your comments are really motivating!
Ramona - are you familiar with the work of Carl Purcell? I think he is based in Tucson - but if you are into rocks - check out his work (carlpurcell dot com) I have just recently hooked up with him through Flickr and his work rocks (pun intended) he goes as Rock4art on Flickr.
Sadia I am honored by your comments as I see you as a strong and prolific (and "happenin'") artist. Thanks.

Silvia Williams Paints Watercolors said...

Gary, thanks for comments on my blog. Am taking a rest to let creativity return. I love your lighthouse. You capture the feeling again. Great colors and stability in composition.Silvia

Krista Meister said...

Gary, such lovely detail in those rocks! I'm a fan of Carl Purcell too.

Alex said...

I bow down again to you Gary (and it could go on and one like in one of those classic stereotypical japanese movies) :)
I didn't realize that people actually read or even follow the comments I wrote on others' blogs. That's perhaps the biggest honor of appreciation other than getting comments itself. Thank you very much Gary, and thank you for realizing that it takes time to do that too. I guess I love telling people I love their work, and even if I could give a little pat on their backs, it'd make them happy and do them good perhaps in a long run. I know people have been doing the same to me, and believing in karma, I should return the favor too so that life would become balanced again... and continuing on with balance, your drawing is really a balanced one!
I love the clear horizon created by the blue sea, cloudy sky, and most prominently the rocks, and white water created by the beating waves, stunningly done! At the same time, it creates a peaceful aura, romantic some might say...and it'd be somewhere I'd like to bring Tanna just to see, hear and feel the environment.
:) And that in my impression is a great journey created by the drawing.

trish roque said...

There's an abstract quality to the rocks and sky that I really love about this watercolor ~ which differentiates it from your typical watercolor lighthouse scene. Nicely done! And I also love Sammy on Holiday! I think Sammy should always go on holiday with his people!

I also wanted to thank you for your kind comments on my blog regarding the passing of my dog. It really helps to read the words of others who understand what I'm going through...

Unknown said...

Whew! As per Lynn's comment, I've got that part out of the way! I've done ONE lighthouse!

This is just beautiful; I could stare at it for ages, zooming in to inspect and try to figure out how you did this or that.

Rosemary said...

Wow! Absolutely love it! I think oil painters are required to do lighthouses too! There are at least three in my past - and none of them come close to showing the atmosphere and energy you captured!
You had fun with those washed and worn rocks!

I have been visiting your blog "on the run"...but haven't been going back to do so.

Sammy on Holiday stole my heart! Our dog goes everywhere wtih us - so I'm familiar with the proud pose! Love the rocker and the light and shadow on the deck boards!

Now that we are back in Florida, I'm finally catching up! You have been busy! I'm feasting my eyes and going back to hear Etta sing and play one more time!