Friday, November 6, 2009

Edisto Kitchen

Edisto Kitchen
12x16" watercolor

I started this watercolor while at Edisto Beach, SC in a cottage called Foster's Ocean View that we were renting for my daughter's birthday. We only had to cross the street to be at the ocean front. On one of those days it was a dark, windy and wet - and I tried to capture the dark interior of the place which made the outside light seem to glow (without interior lights on), emphasized by the fake stained glass thngy in the window. I had to finish it at home after we got back as usual, because we spent most of out time on the beach. I really do need being at the ocean to recharge, always been that way.

Foster's Ocean View - Edisto Beach, SC.


Autumn Leaves said...

This is so lovely, Gary. I think anything with a view of the trees is simply sigh worthy!

Silvia Williams Paints Watercolors said...

Brings back memories of time spent on Edisto. It is a place to paint. I like the haunting atmosphere of your door. I admire the way you handle perspective which is so hard for me to achieve. Silvia