Sunday, September 22, 2013

Studio Sept 22, 2013

Studio shot this AM. Ann and my December show is taking shape. The semester is in full swing so I am not spending as much time down here as I'd like, but I feel that I can work through the end of October (with hopefully a five day Edisto visit tucked in there) before I start worrying about the framing, etc. Maybe make it to 20 pieces, we'll see. I have a backlog of pieces that I've started and others that I want to do so maybe this show can't come soon enough.


Hugh said...

Very nice Gary!

Hugh said...

Your site is an inspiration to me. Your's and Ann's art charge me up. Keep it up.

All the best!

Catherine Emilia said...

What a really nice place to work at! Would love to make one like this one day :) Thanks for sharing.

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