Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mixed Media Collage

Too Many Leaves, 22x30" Mixed media collage, January 2012

This is the first of two pieces I've completed this year with two more in the working. As mentioned below I regained my stability in the studio at the end of last year by beginning a new series of mixed media on paper. This piece and the second are currently on exhibit, and I failed to get a picture of the second due to poor time management I suppose. I will get a picture of it when I get it back in a few weeks. These pieces are collages using interesting papers that I made without any specific intentions in mind. They are still lifes, and in the tradition of still life each object juxtaposed within the composition have a symbolic meaning. A student the previous semester posted messages throughout the school that they no longer wanted to see art that had leaves, flowers, personal meanings, etc. in them which caused a wonderful flurry of conversations within the art student body as you might imagine. I started both new pieces with flowers and leaves as subject matter. For me the titles had double meaning - as with this one, "Too Many Leaves" also refers to the passing of both my parents.

Nags Head - Mixed Media with objects (2007)

This piece I did a long time ago but I happen to be in the process of framing it for the house. This has been a favored piece from a series where I was using found objects and responding to them with other media within a composition. I had it stapled to the wall of my studio for a long time and I decided to frame it proper, which will take spacers, etc.

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