Friday, September 11, 2009

Virtual Paintout - Lisbon, Portugal

Virtual Paint Out - September - Lisbon, Portugal
Pantaeo Nacional from Travessa do Paradaiso.
12x16 watercolor on 140 lb Kilimanjaro block.

This is my second attempt at the monthly painting challenge where you choose as your source images obtained from Google's Map Street View (for more info see my blog list). I found Lisbon to be very close - meaning that it was hard for me to find any long range views of this beautiful city's monuments. The whole place is stunning. I chose this view because of the Pantheon in the background. In my attempt to find views that showed both the monument and something that suggested interesting compositional possibilities I came to this scene. There were no cars to fake out of the image - and whatever vehicle the Google folks use for the photography must have just startled several pigeons - here are two taking flight, providing an interesting focus.


Unknown said...

Love it. Love the colors and the perspective! The overall mood. All of it!

Ellen Burkett said...

Oh this is wonderful! I think I'm a sucker for narrow litle European streets anyway, but this one is terrific!

Carol said...

Wow, this is awesome! I have been wanting to try the Virtual Paintout, but I'm too chicken! I have it saved in my favorites just in case though. Great Blog too:)

Gary said...

Thanks yall for stopping in and positive feedback.

MaryO said...

I saw this on the Paintout site. It really caught my eye with its strong lines and crisp colors. Love it!

Phillip Holt said...
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Phillip Holt said...

I like the composition on this one, but then I like painting in the alleys as opposed to the busy streets.
Nice job on Karen's cupcakes.