Friday, August 28, 2009

EDM 238

EDM 238 - Draw something you'd find in a first-aid kit.
- Graphite and some white acrylic in an 11x14 Aquabee sketchbook.

So far I've done just a few of these Every Day Matters weekly challenges. Each time it's been in this rendering sorta style with graphite. I want to return to a mixed media approach for the next ones, as lately in my painting I have concentrated on a traditional watercolor technique in an attempt to get somewhere with that medium. I think that I'm ready to return to my first love, mixed media - and I can see how these EDM challenges will give me that opportunity.


nanke's stuff said...

What a great drawing! You did a fine job with the shadow and perspective. Well done! nancy

Melissa S. said...

Love the values you captured! Beautifully done. Can't wait to see your mixed media works.

Gary said...

Thanks for the comments. Now I can look over your work!

Linisha said...

Well, this one's even more amazing.. I love the way you have shown the shadow..